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April 28th

posted Apr 28, 2016, 8:17 AM by Mike Costello   [ updated Apr 28, 2016, 1:21 PM ]
Check In

What can we learn from Ferris about leadership?
Be Bold.
There are going to be rules. And there will always be people who expect you to do it the way it’s always been done. Don’t be afraid to break the rules. And when you do, go all in. The risk is high, but so are the rewards. Now I’m not advocating breaking any laws, but one of Ferris’s most endearing qualities is his willingness to be bold, and the complete confidence in which he does it. Doing things differently not only yields results, but it emboldens your team to take calculated risks and shows your community that you’re really dedicated to your mission.
Have Fun – Twist and Shout
As a leader, if you’re not having fun doing what you’re doing, you better believe your team won’t have fun.  That image of the stoic leader alone in the corner office making all of the key decisions is old-fashioned.  Your team and your community need to know you’re a real person. Show them a little of you; let them see you’re having fun, and you become more authentic. Authenticity leads to deeper relationships, and that’s what you’re after anyway right?
Push People
Push people. Push them not only to be their best, but to be true to themselves. We often equate successful leaders to encouraging us to reach our measured goals, but true leaders go beyond challenging us in relation to performance. Their example encourages us to break through our own barriers. There’s no doubt in my mind that Cameron’s decision to confront his greatest fear in this scene comes from lessons he learns from Ferris.
Create Disciples – Be a Righteous Dude
Your community really is just like a really big high school. Not everyone is the same. Just like Grace points out so eloquently in this clip, there are all kinds of people in your community. Ferris manages to reach everyone in his or her own place, connecting with them and creating “1,500 Ferris Bueller Disciples running around these halls.” How are you connecting with every corner of your community and creating disciples for your organization? Are you reaching out to everyone in a homogenous way, or are you meeting people in their unique space?
Allow yourself the occasional freak-out
We’re all human. As much as we all want to be Ferris all the time, sometimes the best we can do is Cameron. The best leaders I’ve ever worked with seemed to have it all together all the time, but I’ve got to believe that sometimes, when no one was watching, their cracks were exposed too.
Leadership Presentation Add-On
-You will choose a person in your life that you feel is a strong leader and who encompasses your definition of leadership to interview. 
-This person needs to be outside of your family. 
    -They can be coaches, teachers, pastors, bosses etc. 
-You need to come up with 5 original questions to ask them and may use this question list 
    to find the remaining 5 questions to ask -- 10 questions total.