Nov. 19th-20th

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Today we will...
-Improve keyboard technique and reading skills
So we can...
-Understand "Middle Skill Jobs", "Wise Choice Process" and summarize a section from "On Course"
As shown by...
-Our blog, journal and Google Presentation

New Blog Post
-According to this article
1. What percentage of "middle-skill jobs" call for some FLUENCY with technology?
2. What percentage of "middle-skill jobs" call for PROFICIENCY with these tools?
3. Summarize the article in 2-3 Sentences
4. How does this article connect to you (and this class)?

On Course- Making Wise Decisions Discussion

Journal #5 JOURNAL CHECK 1-5
    -Apply the Wise Choice Process
In this activity you will apply the Wise Choice Process to improve a difficult situation in your life. Think about a current problem, one that you're comfortable sharing. As a result of this problem, you may be angry, sad, frustrated, depressed, overwhelmed, or afraid. Perhaps this situation has to do with a grade you received, a teacher's comment, or a classmate's action. Maybe the problem relates to a job, a relationship, or money. The Wise Choice Process can help you make an empowering choice in any part of your life. 

1. Write the six questions of the Wise Choice Process and answer each one as it relates to your situation. 
    1. What's my present situation? (Describe the problem objectively and completely.)
    2. How would I like my situation to be? (What is your ideal future outcome?)
    3. What are my possible choices? (Create a long list of specific choices that might create your                                    preferred outcome.)
    4. What's the likely outcome of each possible choice? (If you can't predict the likely outcome of 
        an option, stop and gather more information.)
    5. Which choice(s) will I commit to doing? (Pick from your list of choices in Step 3)
    6. When and how will I evaluate my plan? (Identify the specific date and criteria by which you will             determine the success of your plan.)
2. Write what you learned or relearned by doing the Wise Choice Process. 
 Be sure to Dive Deep. You might begin, By doing the Wise Choice Process, I learned that I...

On Course Google Presentation

-Pick any section from the "On Course" book that we have not already covered
        -Understanding the Culture of Higher Education
        -Becoming an Active Learner
        -Believing in Yourself
        -Adopting a Creator Mindset
        -Mastering Creator Language
        -Making Wise Decisions
-Section must be 4-5 pages or more
-Create a Google Presentation
    -Summarize and highlight the most important parts
    -Include 4-5 pictures (NOT AS BACKGROUND!!!)
    -Must be at least 11 slides long
    -Font size >18
    -No Paragraphs!!!