November 6th-9th

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Blog Post (20 min)
-Gauge Keyboarding Progress (Test 1 to Test 2) in blog post
    -Answer the following questions:
        -My accuracy improved/decreased from _____ to _____
        -My speed increased/decreased from ____ to ____
        -I feel like over all my typing ability has...

Typing when you are done

Take out a sheet of paper please

On Course-Taking Notes

Your Assignment:
Using our "CORE READING" Style and CORNELL NOTES, 
Login to your GoogleDocs
Use the template
    -File->Make a Copy
Read Pages 41-46
*at least 3-5 bullet points for each section and a summary at the end

Google Document

Go to your GoogleDocs
Click on your "Creator Mindset Cornell Notes"
Click on "Share", "Get Shareable Link" and then "More"
Click on "Anyone with the link CAN VIEW"
Copy (Ctrl-C) the link

Blog Check coming soon!!!!
17. Typing Progress (today)
16. Dig Lit
15. Brittany Maynard
14. Current event #2
13. School Ratings
12. Personal Mission Statement
11. Obama Protest
10. Water on Mars
8. Current event #1
7. College Majors
6. Tween Tribune
5. Food Waste
4. Self Assessment
3. Keyboard Technique
2. "I'm getting a divorce"
1. 2 Truths 1 Lie