Nov. 10-11

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Learning Targets (Students will):
-Improve keyboarding technique
-Use Cornell Notes while reading "Creator Mindset"
-Use "Creator Language"

New Blog Post
Read the article about Veteran's Day

Why do we celebrate Veteran's Day?
What is the history behind it?
What was the Mayflower Compact?

YouTube Video

-Copy and Paste
    -HOMEPAGE of your blog!!!

20 min of
Username: Last Firstdd (##=last 2 digits of ID#)
Password: Student ID#

FINISH Your Assignment:
Using our "CORE READING" Style and CORNELL NOTES, 
Read Pages 41-46
-You should have at least 3-5 "Bullet Points" or Notes for each Main Idea/Secondary Idea
(There are 3 Main/Sec ideas)
    -Victim and Creator Mindsets
    -Responsibility and Culture
    -Responsibility and Choice

-Summary should be 3-4 sentences at the bottom of your page

Go to your GoogleDocs
Click on your Creator Mindset Cornell Notes
Click on "Share"
Click on "Anyone with the link CAN VIEW"
Copy (Ctrl-C) the link
Paste (Ctrl-V) in the form

Go to GoogleDocs and open your Journal
This should be Journal Entry 3 or 4...

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