January 5th-6th

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Typing web - 20 min (advanced)
Username: Last First dd
Password: Student ID#

New Blog Post (don't start until I say so)
-What did you do over Winter Break?
-What was the most exciting thing you did?

Register for MHCC College Credit (Should have an email from them)

-Go to mhcc.edu and click MyMHCC

-Enter your MHCC ID number as your username and 6 digit birth date (051285) as your password

-Click on Plan and Register

-Click Register for Classes

-Complete required info to register. At bottom, click "I agree" and submit

-Select Winter Term. Then register for classes by clicking the Course Search tab. In the Course Code box, enter the course number (HD100C). Click Search, then select the course section for your teacher (93) and click Add Courses

-Choose Letter for Grading Type and then click Add Courses.

-Verify the course was added at the bottom of the screen and log out of MyMHCC

Don't have login information??? Didn't register the first time??? Follow steps below...
Apply to MHCC College Now!!!! (Have you done this with Mr. Yates?)
Need to know:
-First and Last Name
-Mother's Maiden Name (not required)
-Phone Number
-Email address (Create one @ gmail.com)(Can you log in?)
    -Do not use your David Douglas Email
-Physical Mailing Address (Check StudentVUE)
-Don't put Social Security Number!!!
-Save any email you get from them!!!

Go to www.MHCC.edu

Click Getting Started @ MHCC

Click on Apply Now

Click on Admission Application

Click on College Now Application-High School (mid-page)

Click to fill out application
    -Do not use the Back button, click "Previous Page" at the bottom
Fill out Application

Planned Enrollment: Winter 2016

Once it's done click Submit Application

Open a "New Document" -Title it "Shmoop Day 3-Cyberbullying"

-Pick one of the articles
    -Read and Summarize in 4 Sentences
    -Find 3 Facts/Statistics
    -2 ways it relates to you
    -1 way you can help stop CYBERBULLYING

Make sure document can been seen "by anyone with the link"
-More-> "Anyone with the link can view