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Students will be able to:
-Identify 3 vocab words and use them in a sentence
-Use the internet to find appropriate definition
-Use technology to organize
-Improve typing skills

Find 3 words to define and use in a sentence
What do you think?
    -Could there be life on Mars?
    -Why/Why not?

Create Folders
    -English I, Dig Lit, Gen. Science, Middle School
    -All classes, except PE, etc.


-Using the Library
        -Homework Center
            -Live Homework Help
        -College/Job Help

20 min of Typingweb.com
    -Finish 1 lesson
    -Play typing games


1st Article

2nd article
(Use complete sentences)
-About how many students take the PSAT a year?
-What scholarships do you become eligible for?
-List 3 benefits of taking the PSAT...