Finals... June 14th-16th

posted Jun 13, 2011, 4:10 PM by Mike Costello   [ updated Jun 15, 2011, 8:54 AM ]
If there is a post it on your computer start on B (Red), if not start on A (Grey)

Final Exam A...

Hit "Submit" when finished

Final Exam B...
PACE 2 Final - Red
PACE 2 Final - Grey
Share with me when finished - per#_first last_ FINAL (red or grey)

Use the version of the final I tell you to, while your final is open DO NOT go to any other website/document,
I will assume you are cheating and you will receive a ZERO on your final.

After you finish it must remain quiet. If you are talking, I will assume you are cheating and will receive
a ZERO on your final.

You may go to appropriate websites after printing your final, no killing/driving/shooting games...

It was a pleasure teaching you all, if you feel I was hard on you it was because I know you can do better
than you did in this class. Good luck out there, it is my hope you will use your resumes/job interview skills/
college stuff in the future to better yourself and become the best you you can. Some of the stuff might seem
pointless now but if you remember it, it will help you in the future.