February 8th/9th

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Go to http://ddhspages.net

Login to your account, and to go "Sites"

Higher Order Thinking Blog Question #4
Here's the how to video. Give your opinion to the question and be sure to back up your opinion with specific reasons and examples.
Then open up one of your classmates' blogs and reply to their answer.  Do you agree or disagree with what they wrote and WHY?

Substitute discussion

Go over Copyright T/F assignment...

Google Doc Presentation Introduction
Color squares
File->See revision history

To insert a picture
    -Go to Google Image Search
    -Click on "Advanced Image Search"
    -Find "Usage Rights". Select "Labeled for Reuse"
    -Search for your picture and click on it...
    -Right click and "Copy Image Location or URL"
    -In your Presentation select "Insert -> Image"
        -Paste into "Specify image URL" and click OK

Google Presentation Assignment