February 4th/7th

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Feb 4th...
Dear Class,
I am not feeling well and will not be in today. Which is why you have the sub :) Please behave for the sub even better than
you do for me.  You guys have done a great job the first two days of class.
We are going to start off with our 3rd blog post, you know how to do this. After you finish your response, please comment
on the third person over from you. State if you agree or disagree with their thoughts and why.

Then follow along with the slideshow and please summarize each page in your notes. Thanks.

Mr. Costello

Go to http://ddhspages.net

Higher Order Thinking Blog Question #3
Here's the how to video. Give your opinion to the question and be sure to back up your opinion with specific reasons and examples.
Then open up one of your classmates' blogs and reply to their answer.  Do you agree or disagree with what they wrote and WHY?

Netiquette/Copyright Laws presentation  Go over slides 7-23.

After the notes please show the "Copyright Video"

After the video, copy and paste the following examples and with a partner decide if the
scenario is True or False and tell me why(explain your answer in bold)

Title this assignment Per#_first last_Copyright T/F
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  1. Copyright status is only granted to well-known authors and filmmakers.

  2. The Motion Picture Association of America has anti-piracy sniffing dogs.

  3. Sam buys a new band's CD but decides he doesn't like the singer, so he resells the CD on eBay. That's legal.

  4. The sole purpose of copyright is to make authors money and protect them from getting their works stolen.

  5. Amy tells Daniel about her summer vacation, and he says he'd love to see her pictures. Amy uses a peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing program to upload the photographs she took at camp so he can download them. That's copyright infringement.

  6. Amy tells Daniel that the files are available. Daniel uses the same peer-to-peer file-sharing program to download Amy's camp pictures. That's copyright infringement.

  7. Jason copies the entire last chapter from the final Harry Potter book to his commercial blog without any additional commentary. Since he only used part of the work, Jason would be protected by fair use.
  8. Kathy downloaded a few photos of local organic farms from Flickr.com's Creative Commons (CC) pool. She follows the rules of the photographer's specific CC license and uses them in her digital video about sustainable agriculture. That's OK.

  9. Dwight finds a peer-to-peer (P2P) network that offers free music downloads. He owns all but one of his favorite band's CDs, and he finds that particular CD on the network. He's too cheap to buy it, so he downloads the songs. He's not committing copyright infringement.

  10. Paula read an interesting article about the making of the film Titanic and wants to use a short quote in her cinema review paper for journalism class. That's copyright infringement.

  11. The Public Domain is a polar research station in Antarctica.

  12. Adam recorded a video for his YouTube channel about the upcoming Senate elections and includes an official photo taken by a government employee and four bills authored by the incumbent that Adam found on the Senate's website. That's copyright infringement.

  13. Justin downloaded the black-and-white horror classic Night of the Living Dead from the Internet Archive and decided to mix an audio sample from the film into one of his original songs. That's copyright infringement.

  14. Since Richard forgot to register his screenplay before he sent it out to agents for review, he's no longer eligible to copyright it.