April 13th/14th

posted Apr 13, 2011, 7:44 AM by Mike Costello   [ updated Apr 14, 2011, 7:29 AM ]
If you were absent last class you need to log-in to your new student.ddouglas.k12.or.us account
    -yeah you missed out on a lot...
    -get your password from Mr. Costello

Your username to log in is your last name, first name, and the last 2 digits of your student ID
Name:  Mike Costello
ID #:  7603601
Login = costellomike01

Your were already given your 7 digit password.  If absent, get it from your teacher.

Log in to documents page for student.ddouglas.k12.or.us accounts

Create a new HOT Blog in your student.ddouglas.k12.or.us account.
Video on how to create Higher Order Thinking Blog

Transfer documents from ddhspages.net account into your new student.ddouglas account.
Video on how to share docs (You can only share documents that you own)

B-Day - No Blog
A-Day - Higher Order Thinking Blog Question #18

Resume Workbook Notebook file(teacher only) or PDF File

Discuss References -
Students will need 4 of them (2 professional and 2 personal) to complete the resume packet.

Review pages 1-6
Use the OregonCIS website to look up skills related to the CLA you want to be in

Get to page 14