November 8th/9th

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Higher Order Thinking Blog Question #18

Guest speaker Ms. Ellis, talking to you about life after HS :)


If you have not finished researching your 4 careers finish that (Part A) and then move on to Part B

Part A
Log on to Oregon CIS website.
    Logon: ddouglas
    Password: ddhs

Then go to...

Pick 4 different careers to research...
The research you want to copy and paste into a new document is:

1. Career Overview
2. Specific Work Activities
3. Working Conditions
4. Preparation
5. Wages

Go to "Print" in the top right hand corner and then check the 5 boxes...
Then click "Print Selected Items"

Copy (Ctrl+C) the research and Paste (Ctrl+V) into a new document

Title this Job Title Research
Do this for 4 different jobs

Part B

Make a bracket for your four jobs/careers you found earlier using the
Graphic Organizer.

1. Click on the "Graphic Organizer" and "Make a Copy"
2. Rename the copy per#_first last_Bracketology
3. Rank your jobs 1-4, put that at the top of the Graphic Organizer
4. Double Click on the "Bracket" and insert your 4 jobs (1v4, 2v3)
5. Follow the directions and write paragraphs 1 & 2. Please make sure you are
COMPARING and CONTRASTING the jobs, not just telling me about them. Paragraph one is looking at the info they saved from Oregon CIS and
Paragraph two
looks at their values, interests, etc from the Career Planning Worksheet.

Determine a winner using the criteria in the Career Planning Worksheet