October 28th/November 1st

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Complete Autobiography Unit
    -Slides 44-46

        Conclusion paragraph.
    -Slide 51-55

Write Conclusion Paragraph...

Leave Thesis and Transitions highlighted

*Size 12 font, Paragraphs double spaced and indented

Use Details
Sensory Details
: what you saw, heard, smelled, tasted, or touched

Reflective Details
:  what you thought and felt about the experience

:  what people did or experienced

:  what people said to each other

*Remember when writing your paper...
Picking 4 can earn you the possibility of a “C”
Picking 5 can earn you the possibility of a “B”
Picking 6 can earn you the possibility of an “A”

Partner up Peer Edit and complete final proofreading.

Insert -> Comments

What are you looking for?

Guiding questions for conventions

  1. Are your sentences complete?
    • Do you have any sentence fragments that need to be completed?
    • Do you have run-on sentences?

  2. Does your piece demonstrate standard usage?
    • Is there subject-verb agreement?
    • Is there consistency in verb tense?
    • Are pronouns used correctly?
    • Are all your words used correctly?

  3. Are punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and paragraphs used correctly in your piece?
    • Does your punctuation make your piece hard to read?
    • Have you used capital letters for the first word in a sentence and proper nouns?
    • Have you spelled most common words correctly?
    • Do misspelled words in your piece make it hard to read?
    • Have you used paragraphs appropriately?
If you are finished with everything you may go here, or work on other homework
    -No videos
    -No non-typing games
    -No Shopping
    -No Google Image Search