October 21st/25th

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B-day Sub

Higher Order Thinking Blog Question #15

If you haven't shared your Topic Organizer with me please do so...
Per#_First Last_Topic Organizer

Continue Autobiography Unit PowerPoint
    -Go over slides 41-43

If you still have not finished your Introductions you are behind

Autobiography will be due October 28th (B-day) and
November 1st (A-day)

Open a new document to start your body.

Title it: Per#_first last_body

Write first half of body paragraphs (2-3 paragraphs)
    -First sentence must relate back to thesis statement

Autobiography Criteria Sheet

Use Details

Sensory Details: what you saw, heard, smelled, tasted, or touched

Reflective Details:  what you thought and felt about the experience

Actions:  what people did or experienced

Dialogue:  what people said to each other

*Remember when writing your paper...
Picking 4 can earn you the possibility of a “C”
Picking 5 can earn you the possibility of a “B”
Picking 6 can earn you the possibility of an “A”