December 7th/8th

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B Day
Extra QOD -8th Convention Quiz
“How does technology make the world a better place?”

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A Day
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Finish Cover Letter
Begin Cover Letter Lesson Slideshow
Use these cover letter examples as ideas on how to write yours. 
Here is another cover letter example that is outside the box.
Use the cover letter template to begin your own letter.
    *Go to  -> File -> Make a Copy
    *Write your Cover Letter to a future CLA Teacher

Good Job!
Per 6
- Kenneth Wong, Breanna Hill, Tina Chen, Anna Zhyryada, Laila Cruz, Beatrice Perpechkin, Zach Blackberg, Kevin Fleming
Per 7 - Erin Forsyth, Charmaine Skoubo, Aaron Henry, Thomas Gedam, Blake Nguyen, Natasha Huddleston, Logan Clark, Yev Novik, Kim Huynh, Sean DiGregario, Tony Moua, Joseph Le, Damian Giles
Per 8 - None...
Per 1 - Rebecca Cole, Josiah Jeremiah, Aislinn Carson, Svetlana Voronova, Vanessa Lopes, Lanni Cardona-Le, Aaron Ackhavong
Per 3 - Erik Zurita, Josh Feng, Ca'presha Graham, Julius Olomua, Dallas Niemeyer, Edgar Gastelum, Alice Ochs, James Truong, Emily Shelton, Aickelson Samuel, Keenan Nelson, Francisco Leyva, Skyler Parker, Amber Schreiter, Jade Rivard, Deona Mitchell, Kebrom Mulugeta, Oleg Feitser, Choenyi Shalung, Josh Maya, Brandon Bray
Per 4 - ThaoAnh Nguyen, Clarise Sky-Johnson, Yao Zhang, Nikolay Kozhokar, Julia Gergalo, Damian Williams, Tyler Cain, Alex Zakharchuk, Kayla Muller-Dahl, Tyler Henneman, Peng Huang, Hao Vu, Annie Jones
I have your Cover Letters

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