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March 19th/30th

posted Mar 18, 2010, 5:07 PM by Mike Costello   [ updated Mar 29, 2010, 11:33 AM ]

The high school principal has asked you to create a new electronic

policy for the school that takes into consideration the students'

wishes.  The current policy prohibits all electronic devices from

8:00am to 2:40.  The reason for this is 3 fold: 

1) to create a professional environment

(many jobs don't allow texting while at work);

2) to ensure that students are socializing with one another rather

than focusing on an electronic device; and

3) Safety - it is easy to spot a non-student who enters the

campus as they will not be following our rules. 

Write your new policy and then defend it by giving reasons

why you made it the way you did

(3 Sentences defending)

Create resume for your biography subject

    -Use the resume template

        -Click on the link

        -Sign in and go to: File->Make A Copy...

    -Highlight and then Replace the information
     for your biography subject

    -Go to->File->Rename as:





If you are finished with both your resume complete the following

quiz and print your results (chart)...

Then do a google search about your learning type and on

your paper tell me if you agree and why

(at least 4 sentences)

1. What your learning style is

2. What that means

3. If you agree and why

Multiple Intelligences Test