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April 15th-23rd

posted Apr 15, 2010, 7:16 AM by Mike Costello   [ updated Apr 16, 2010, 1:03 PM ]

How would you fix this sentence?

Go to www.gmail.com

Create a PROFESSIONAL email address!!

Ex: MikeCostello1999 or MCostello99

Day 1 - Create Resume using DDHS Resume template

Here is the work around:

Open up your ddhspages account

1. Have your students click on this link:


2. Have them copy the entire document (Apple + A) then (Apple + C)

3.  Have them open up a new document in their ddhspages.net account

4.  and paste it to the new document (Apple + V).

Login stuff: 12lastfirst / ID #

Rename->"Your Name Resume"

Day 2 - Complete Resume

Share it with a classmate - insert editing marks for corrections that

need to be made. 

Go to "Insert" -> "Corrections"

Make corrections.  Make sure it prints on one page, and print out.

In order for the header to print the top print margin

must be at least 1.7 inches

(found in the print settings). 

Class Schedule

A - April 15th - WL

B - April 16th - WL

A - April 19th - Lib

B - April 20th - 6,7=SS Lab, 8=Lib

A - April 21st - Class

B - April 22nd - Class

A - April 23rd - Lib

B - April 26th - 6,7=SS Lab, 8=WL